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I have successfully corrupted two friends with Merlin! 'Twas the best day in history. Although, I think my room mate has only become addicted because she has no computer, doesn't like to read much, and there are no new CSIs on, but I'll take what I can get.

Hopefully there'll be couple more stories up soon, but school makes it rather hard to crank anything out, even my poor HP story on Guess they'll have to wait a bit longer. Anyone know of a way to make me write?

Oh, and here. I've been addicted lately, so I feel like sharing the love. Quality isn't great, but good enough and the music's lovely.

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Okay, so even though I shouldn't have been bored what with school having started again, I ran across this because I was really wanting to watch the video diaries from season one and for some reason our dvd player in the dorm doesn't have a remote. So, I had to go to trusty youtube to find it, and this popped up on the recommended list. I couldn't resist. I admit I find it really epic instead of the intended crack.

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 So, my day just officially got SPECTACULAR! *clears throat* This is actually her sister typing while she's on the phone. Haha. We're both ecstatic and completely hyper now. There's thunder outsider, but I suppose that's really the drumroll to the link we opened from our mom. Yes, she gave us the good news about Tom. WOOH! ^_^ 

Here's the link: Harry Potter villain lands record deal. No idea how long we'll have to wait, but it's been a long time coming.
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 Unfortunately, I still have no fanfic to offer, which I find extremely sad, though I do have an excuse. I have actually been reading books! That's saying something as I usually have my nose stuck in my computer. On that note, I have been writing a bit as well, but it's slow going. I've been trying to convince myself to not get too involved in all these fanfic challenges on most the communities I'm on. We'll see how that ends later.

Now, the real reason I remembered to post an entry: Adam Lambert concert at the Brown Theater tonight! My sister is the one who really wants to go, but she wanted me to take her, and not mom. Hopefully we'll have a good time, and nothing will go wrong, like mom loses her phone or it dies before the concert ends and we aren't picked up until midnight. Hopefully I'll have a positive update for you tomorrow!
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So, I figure since this is only my second post, I'm allowed to rant a little, right? Well, let's see, I just got back from vacation and the air conditioning is out, and so are the phones. The house is still a mess, which means no wireless and tripping over everything under the sun. Let's see, what else. Oh, then there's the fact that my car needs new ball joints and front struts (and tires after that), completely demolishing and bank accounts I have to my name!

I guess that means no more Borders, and especially no Half Price. It's whatever I can scrape together for lunch now too. Seems everything is hitting at the same time, yeah?

First Post

Jun. 9th, 2010 11:32 pm
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Well, this is my first post technically, so good for me. The only problem is, I have no idea how to use livejournal, especially this little lifesaver called a cut. So, that's the first order of business, figuring out how to do that. Anyone want to help?


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