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Writing, Reading, and Concerts

 Unfortunately, I still have no fanfic to offer, which I find extremely sad, though I do have an excuse. I have actually been reading books! That's saying something as I usually have my nose stuck in my computer. On that note, I have been writing a bit as well, but it's slow going. I've been trying to convince myself to not get too involved in all these fanfic challenges on most the communities I'm on. We'll see how that ends later.

Now, the real reason I remembered to post an entry: Adam Lambert concert at the Brown Theater tonight! My sister is the one who really wants to go, but she wanted me to take her, and not mom. Hopefully we'll have a good time, and nothing will go wrong, like mom loses her phone or it dies before the concert ends and we aren't picked up until midnight. Hopefully I'll have a positive update for you tomorrow!

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Please be safe and it's a good thing you're taking Casey and not your mom. His concert's would really wreck havoc on your mom's already not please with slash tendencies in her writings.

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True. And we were safe! I was a little worried myself, but we got there and I was like, oh my gosh, there's a bunch of old people here! That's horrible to say, but I didn't realize he had so many fans around or above my mom's age. And she did want to go, but couldn't get a ticket. It was a three hour show - an hour and twenty minutes of him. The seats were really good too, surprisingly. It was nothing like the Palace where the balcony was forever away from the stage. We were literally right over it.

Anyway...can you tell I was excited?